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SuperDad University provides the education you need to take your real life skills to the next level.

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Learn The Skills You Need To Help You Grow

A9 SD Workout

Time Efficient Workouts For Busy Dads

How To Communicate More Effectively With Your Partner & Kids

Parenting & Relationship Skills

How To Manage Your Stress Better

Overcoming Stress, Depression & Anxiety

How To Become More Organised & Take Control Of Your Time

Organization & Time Management

How To Cook Nutritious & Delicious Meals For Your Family

Healthy Cooking For Fat
Loss & Muscle Growth

How To Create A New Family Budget

Family Budgeting & Financial Freedom

How To Overcom My Addictions & Unhealthy Compulsions

Overcoming Addictions & Compulsions

SuperDad Mission, Mindset & Motivation

Get Inspired

Meet Everyday Dads Who Have Transformed Their Lives

Marty was fat, 40 and fired - now he's feeling fit, still 40 but feeling fantastic, and has a new job he loves!

Danny was overweight & struggling to juggle it all - now he has a new body and a new lease on life.

Thom was feeling depressed & unmotivated - now he's defeated the black dog and is getting IT done!

"I've been approached by 3 people this week all commenting on how slim and fit I look. I'm grateful for this group and all the inspiration, encouragement and motivation." - SuperDad Nate

"I’ve tried hundreds of things before but I think there are advantages to this that are making all the difference. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. This really can be a life-changing thing if you let it be - If you make it so. " - SuperDad Marty

"I've officially lost 20kg since starting the program and deciding to turn my life around. My biggest changes have been my mindset and consciousness, but even I've been blown away by the physical transformation." - SuperDad George

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Private & Confidential Help From A Team Of SuperCoaches / Counsellors

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Jarrod L’Estrange

Exercise, Nutrition & Motivation Expert

Jarrod is the founder of SuperDad University. He is a devoted husband and father of three young girls. With over 15 years experience as a personal trainer, health and nutrition coach, and a lifetime of achievements in sports including barefoot waterskiing, natural bodybuilding, rockclimbing, ninja warrior and obstacle racing, Jarrod will teach you everything you need to know to build a SuperHero Body you can be proud of.

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Adrian Hanks

Parenting & Relationship Expert

Adrian is a devoted father of 6 kids and grandfather of 3. He is a qualified counsellor and has been running men’s groups for over 25 years. Adrian recently founded The Blue Wren Foundation to curb the growing relationship and domestic violence issues in our society. With this wealth of experience, Adrian is our SuperDads Online Parenting & Relationship expert.

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Jeremy Walker

Addictions & Stress Management Expert

Jeremy is the owner of Inspire Hypnotherapy. His background is in Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching, Psychosomatic Therapy and the Demartini Method. Jeremy’s mission is to impact 20,000 lives in the next 4 years. He has dedicated himself since 2010 to assisting people with; addictions, quitting smoking, weight loss and stress & time management.

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Wendy Lane

Finance & Healthy Cooking Expert

With a passion for finance and cooking, Wendy Lane contributes a lot to the SuperFamiliesOnline Team. She is a CPA Qualified Accountant who works with businesses and individuals to improve their finances. She has been married for 32 years and has two children and two grandchildren. Wendy loves helping Mums & Dads to gain control of their budget and achieve financial freedom.