Hi, I’m Jarrod.

At the start of 2016, I was struggling to juggle it all.

I went in search of something to support me as a Dad and realised there was a lot out there for Mums, but we seemed to have been overlooked.

So I created a support group for Dads and hand picked a team of professional coaches to help us improve our skills as parents, partners, providers and men.

This is how SuperDad University was born!

We now have a growing community of over 3,300 like-minded Dads and a comprehensive library of courses exclusively for us.

You can study what they didn’t teach you in high school – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

You will learn REAL LIFE SKILLS such as:

  • How to manage the stress and pressure you feel under as a Dad.
  • How to fit in exercise and looking after yourself around work and family life.
  • How to manage your kids’ challenging behaviours and teach them good habits.
  • How to live up to your responsibilities as a provider to your family, manage the never-ending pile of bills, AND fulfill your desire to have a job that you love.
  • How to build a life-long, healthy relationship with your current/future partner that meets your needs and grows in intimacy and connection.
  • How to rebuild trust if either one of you does something to reduce it.

etc, etc, etc…

You will have a team of Dads to call on in times of need, to inspire you and keep you accountable to making lasting positive changes. And you will have full access to all of the tools, tips and strategies of our professional coaches.

NOW is your time to stop the excuses, end the procrastination, and leave the pity party behind because our kids grow up so fast and they watch everything we do and don’t do. And if we want to become the best role model we can be to them, there’s no time to waste!

So let’s ignite your fire within and get you started…