The Bridge

There is a bridge that stands directly between where you are now and where you want to be.

Although it is sturdy and safe, and the fastest route across the river, it looks rickety, old, and like it could break beneath you, plunging you into a river of fears.

You are standing there thinking,

“I can’t stay here.”

“I need to get over there.”

But then you look down at the river beneath, at the distance between you and the other side of the bridge, and anxiety mounts within you.

You shuffle your feet, start to doubt your abilities, and turn back around – just like you’ve done before.

Weeks, months, or years pass while you look for an easier way than crossing that bridge.

Eventually, you find your way back to the bridge and stand in the same old rut where your comfort zone lies.

But this time you ask,

“If only there was someone to give me a friendly push, encourage me to take that first step, maybe even walk beside me as I cross it.”

“That would make all the difference!” you think.

And so you wait…

Many people pass by you, but no-one stops.


Here’s my questions to you –

Did you ask them to stop?

Did you ask them for a push to get you out of your rut?

Do you have people to encourage you, or to walk the bridge with you?

What if those people waving to you have previously stood where you are now?

What if they have crossed that bridge before and have the knowledge and experience you need?

What if they are walking around lost themselves, and you can cross that bridge together?


Do you need a push to start improving your health and fitness?

Do you need encouragement to take that first step or to keep walking?

Do you need someone to walk beside you?

The SuperDad Body Challenge is my hand outstretched.

All you need to do is reach out and grasp it.

Join here – The SuperDad Body Challenge