The Reset Button

A Dad I am working with shared that he had a lot of things come up for him all at once over the weekend that caused him to hit the reset button on his resolutions and revert back to his old bad habits.

He then said that he mentally RE-HIT that reset button, got his head back into the game, and on track again towards his goals.

I said to him, “What a great analogy!”

A reset button that either erases our good days and hard work OR erases the bad days and bad habits to give us a fresh start.

It’s the same button but depending on when we push it, it just takes on different meanings.

So the question we can all ponder from this in my view is this –

What do I need to press that button for today?

Do I need to reset my exercise habits?

Do I need to reset my nutrition again?

Do I need to reset my relationship?


Don’t wait any longer to hit that button.

End the procrastination and self sabotage once again!

And please, please, please…

If you answered yes, but you aren’t sure how or what to reset to, reach out to us now.

We have a whole team of coaches, counsellors and fellow Dads here to help.

It’s as private and confidential as you want it to be.